Patient's Rules and Regulations

These safety and operational protocols are designed to facilitate safe and legal use of medical cannabis at The Cypress Hill SmokeOut and to prevent its diversion for non-medical use.



Qualified Patient Verification

In order to ensure that medical cannabis used at the event is lawful and not diverted for non-medical use, it is necessary to verify the legal status of Qualified Patients using cannabis at a public event.

  1. The event organizers will establish a designated Patient Entrance and Verification area near Gate 9 to verify the legal status of Qualified Patients.
  2. Staff or ASA volunteers will inspect each Qualified Patient’s letter of recommendation for medical cannabis use from a physician licensed to practice medicine in California.
  3. Qualified Patients may present a Medical Marijuana ID card issued by a County Health Department pursuant to the Medical Marijuana Program Act (SB 420) in lieu of a copy of their letter of recommendation for medical cannabis use.
  4. Staff or ASA volunteers will inspect a California Drivers License or ID card issued by the California Department of Motor Vehicles to establish the Qualified Patient’s identity and residency.
  5. Staff or ASA volunteers will place unique wristbands on verified Qualified Patients to allow them to enter the facility with 3.5 grams or .124 (1/8 oz.) ounces or less of medical cannabis.
  6. Qualified Patients can only enter the venue through the designated entrance at Gate 9. No one will be allowed to enter the venue with cannabis unless he or she is a verified Qualified Patient entering through the designated entrance.
  7. The event organizers will post rules for on-site consumption to ensure safety and legal consumption in a conspicuous position at the entrance designate for Qualified Patients.
  8. Only legal CA patients will be able to exercise their right to medicate in the Medical Cannabis Consumption area.
  9. Using cameras or video recording devices are strictly prohibited in the consumption for the sake of protecting patient confidentiality. This includes the use of camera phones.


Safety for Qualified Patients and other attendees is a top priority for the event organizers. Security protocols will include, but are not necessarily limited to, the following elements:

  1. Uniformed and unarmed security personnel will be on duty in the area designated for consumption to prevent theft, diversion of medicine, and unruly or problematic behavior.
  2. Security personnel will control access to the area designated for consumption. Only verified Qualified Patients, their Primary Caregivers, or parents or court-appoint legal guardians of Qualified Patients will be allowed inside this area.
  3. Security personnel, event organizers, and staff or volunteers will coordinate with the San Bernardino Police Department on an ongoing basis to prevent and respond to illegal or unsafe activity.

2012 SmokeOut Consumption Rules for Patients

  1. You must show your (1) medical cannabis recommendation or CA State issued medical cannabis ID card, and (2) California Drivers License or DMV ID card to the security personnel when you enter the area designated for consumption.
  2. Medical Cannabis is defined as the flowering top from the cannabis plant (“buds”). Other forms of medical cannabis are not allowed into the event; including hash or hash oils, concentrates, tinctures, lotions, waxes, edibles, beverages and other lesser known forms.
  3. Paraphernalia such as pipes, water pipes, vaporizers and sneak-a-tokes are prohibited. Rolled cannabis cigarettes and buds weighing 3.5 grams or .125 (1/8 oz.) ounces or under and stored in a non-glass container are acceptable.
  4. You may never sell or otherwise distribute cannabis in the venue or parking lot.
  5. You may not use cannabis for non-medical purposes.
  6. You must be at least an eighteen (18) year old patient and have a CA State issued ID to enter the area designated for consumption, unless you are accompanied by your parent or court-appointed legal guardian at all times.
  7. We reserve the right to refuse anyone. You should treat everyone in the venue with respect. You will be asked to leave if you use offensive or abusive language or behavior.
  8. Never consume medication outside designated areas, in the parking lot, or if you are driving.
  9. Absolutely no alcohol, hard drugs, or weapons are allowed in the area designated for consumption.
  10. Do not litter.
  11. For your safety, place all medication out of sight before leaving the area designated for consumption.
  12. In the event of an emergency, please follow the instructions of the security guards, staff or volunteers, or police officers.
  13. Using cameras or video recording devices are strictly prohibited in the consumption for the sake of protecting patient confidentiality. This includes the use of camera phones.


By entering the area you recognize that you are willfully entering a medical marijuana consumption area with a sound understanding of the CA laws, rules and regulations of medical cannabis and will conduct yourself peacefully and respectfully.


If you have any questions regarding the patients-only consumption area, please email us at


Q: I’m a patient from another state where medical marijuana is legal, can I enter the consumption area?

A: No. Out of state recommendations are not accepted at the SmokeOut or any California Dispensaries.

Q:What paperwork do I need to bring to gain access to the consumption area?

A: Patients are required to bring their CA doctor’s letter of recommendation or County Health Department medical marijuana identification card AND ALSO their CA driver’s license or CA identification card. No other card may be used in lieu of a doctor’s letter of recommendation.

Q: Is there a limit to how much medicine I can bring?

A: Yes, 3.5 grams or 1/8 of an ounce is allowed per patient. You may be entitled to possess more medicine under state law outside the venue, but the event is allowing enough for personal consumption.

Q: I lost my Driver’s License, what other forms of identification are acceptable?

A: Only a CA identification card will help you now. Passports don’t establish your state residency so that doesn’t help.

Q: Are there other forms of medicine that I can bring?

A: As it pertains to medical marijuana and medical cannabis, you may bring it 2 ways: The first is rolled marijuana cigarettes (joints, blunts) and secondly, green buds or flowers in a non-glass container such as a sandwich bag. Other forms that include hash, hash oils, edibles, tinctures, lotions, salves, capsules, waxes, or beverages are prohibited from entering.

Please let the security guard know if you have other prescription medications such as insulin.

Q: What happens if I bring more than 3.5 grams or one eighth of an ounce?

A: There are 2 options; return the overage portion back to your vehicle or surrender your excess medicine to security or at patient verification. We do not promote sharing your medicine outside of the event or the consumption area because security or the police could misconstrue this as a sale or distribution. There could be legal ramifications so we highly suggest you do not “hand off” outside the consumption area. We know there will be undercover officers at the event.

Q: Can I buy medicine on-site?

A: No, absolutely not. Distribution is illegal at the SmokeOut. Therefore, you may bring your own medicine up to 3.5 grams equivalent to 1/8 of an ounce.

Q: Who will handle the patient verification?

A: The SmokeOut has enjoyed a great relationship with Americans for Safe Access (ASA) the last two years. We have an easy method to facilitate our Patient Verification process.